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The KOOSHOO Way of Business

meet the family

KOOSHOO was founded by Jesse and Rachel, husband and wife yoga teachers proudly based out of North Vancouver, Canada. Together with a small, tight-knit team, they have set out to create a lifestyle company that does good at every level – from the communities growing the textiles to the beautiful souls wearing the final yoga headbands, hairties and fashion scarves.


kooshoo eh?

Kooshoo means feeling good. The word hails from the rare language of Norfuk, a language indigenous to Norfolk Island, a 3x5 mile island in the South Pacific where 2/3 of our team were born and raised. Every time we make a decision we ask ourselves: "does this feel kooshoo?" This has led us to create beautiful shawls, hairties and yoga headbands that you can truly feel good about.


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