Turning Two - A Look Back on the Year That Was

Posted on November 12, 2014 by Jesse Schiller | 4 comments

Two years today. OK, it was 2 years 3 days ago. 

We're not quite "on it" these days like we used to be because 2 weeks ago we welcomed to the world the greatest thing to ever happen to us: a beautiful and healthy baby girl. We're essentially running off positive endorphins and love for a new soul at this stage - because sleep certainly isn't really happening - so our time with KOOSHOO has been somewhat limited.

If you've been waiting on us for something, my apologies for not being back to you. We absolutely will get back to you - promise!

OK, now for a quick recap on the amazing year that was! 

Way back on November 9th, 2012 Rachel, myself and some dear friends and family set up a KOOSHOO booth at the Vancouver Yoga Show. It was a 3 day show and was our first ever meeting with "the public". That same weekend we hit a button that took our website live. In the two years since, we've been on quite the ride.

Day 1 of KOOSHOO, feels like both a lifetime and just yesterday at the same time

Last year at this time we wrote a year in review post titled "From Crawling to Walking". The metaphor at the time felt appropriate. Our first year was one of discovery and getting to know the world around us. Our experiences of the world as a business were a series of firsts, just like the firsts that our little girl is experiencing with each day. 

If last year was learning to walk then this year has been about learning to run. Not so much Usain Bolt running but moreso a toddler on a playground with 'so many things to discover'. 

In other words, it's been a year of discovery again, this time at a quicker, more informed pace. 

Some of the highlights:

1000 Yoga & Meditation Classes Donated

We kicked off this year by cutting a cheque to the charity Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Mediation, a safe studio space in Canada's poorest neighbourhood where residents are offered free yoga and meditation. The center benefits an incredible diversity of people and the donation provided, care of all those that purchased KOOSHOO products, helped tremendously in keeping the organization doing its finest work. 

Helping uplift those who need it most through Karma Teachers is one of our proudest accomplishments thus far with KOOSHOO. To learn more about the donation and all those it served, check out our summary article, "1000 People in Need Gifted Yoga & Meditation Classes"

Kickstarting Our Most Versatile Product

This year we launched our Journey Shawls via Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform in which we offered the product at a discounted rate in exchange for pre-sales. The reaction to the launch was incredible. Within 4 days we'd surpassed our original goal and by the campaign's close we'd committed to shipping Journey Shawls to 23 countries. 

The 12-outfit-in-1 Scarf (watch the how to wear videos here) was picked up by media outlets worldwide too, ensuring that it's continued selling and finding passionate fans worldwide once we transitioned the Journey Shawls from Kickstarter to our website. A couple of our favourite write-ups were by Treehugger and Travel Fashion Girl

We've said it many times but one more time can't hurt: THANK YOU to all those that supported our campaign whether through package purchases, word of mouth or good vibes. We are so grateful for our community. 

The Greatest Products on Amazon

OK, so we're a little biased, but something that we did quietly this year was launch our online Amazon store and we think the KOOSHOO store is looking pretty darn fine. Simply by putting our products on the largest shopping market in North America we instantly reached a new demographic of shoppers and the results have been incredible. 

If you're an avid Amazon shopper then be sure to add us to your Wish Lists to receive info on special promotions and other goodies.

If you're not an Amazonian (I made that up) then no worries, we'll offer the same awesome promos right here at www.kooshoo.com. Sign up for our Newsletter (No Spam, ever!) at the footer of this page to stay in the know. 


Those are just 3 of the great things that have happened for KOOSHOO in an amazing year. We also added a number of new, incredible Wholesale partners around North America, we exhibited at some pretty gnarly summer festivals, including Whistler Wanderlust and we launched some great new series on our blog, such as the 30 weeks of Mudras tutorials. 

Above all we want to thank you, our community, for your support. Building a business is hard, especially one with values at the forefront. We keep up because we are kept up by our community - the amazing feedback we get on our products, the words of encouragement we receive along the way. I'll spare you the full quote but just as with a child, it truly does "Take a Village" to raise a business.In other words: THANK YOU. 

As for that beautiful child, it's time for a feed and a change (apparently there is a lot of feeding and changing to this parenting thing) so I'm going to have to wrap our year end summary here, well short of covering all the truly great things that were this past year. 

Before wrapping up though, two more notes...

First, we have some super exciting things planned for the year to come. Stay tuned for new colours (launching next week!!!!), new products (next year), new festivals and promotions, some head-nodding holiday sales (sign up for the newsletter at footer for the latest) and of course, some super-cute baby updates. 

Second, with the Holiday Season now upon us, be sure to pick up some of our one-size-fits-all headwraps (available for MEN too!), organic cotton hair ties and the aforementioned much-acclaimed Journey Shawls for your stocking stuffing this year. Guaranteed to delight the yogi, lover, sports star, best friend, amazing-human-being in your life! 

Much love,

Jesse, Rachel and Baby (name still to come)

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