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Posted on November 20, 2012 by Rachel Evans | 2 comments

Why headbands one may ask? Well here is the simple answer. I completed my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Gurmukh, Gurushabd, Sat Siri, Tej Kaur and Harijiwan at Golden Bridge Yoga 
in Los Angeles in 2011. Yogi Bhajan (the Master of Kundalini Yoga and
 teacher that brought it to the West) strongly recommended that Kundalini Yoga Teachers wear a white head covering of natural fiber 
while teaching for their own personal upliftment and protection when handling these powerful energies. With this knowledge I began my 
exploration of ways to cover my head! 

My challenge was to find a head covering that performed (stayed on my 
head in all yoga classes), was made out of natural materials, felt good and was an expression of me! I soon realized I couldn’t find one 
anywhere! This is when I took it upon myself to start designing different headbands that were versatile enough that I could style them 
to wear out on the street and while I taught Kundalini yoga. Genius, I
thought, a headband as flexible as me! We made them with organic cotton, in a couple designs and with subtle shades of white so I could 
always have the freedom of wearing what felt right each day. Voilà – I’d found my home in head coverings.

There are now two official headband designs for men, women and children. Introducing the ENSO and the HU. Both are great for everyday, active living, dance, and yes, kundalini yoga. They 
are both designed to be highly versatile and can be worn in so many
 different ways. Here are some great videos to get you started though to us it’s all about tapping into your creativity. Have fun :)

Both designs open up to 8 inches to cover the head. All headbands are
 consciously made in Los Angeles out of organic cotton and sustainably 
harvested eucalyptus fiber (Tencel). They come in classic, pure white and an array of 6 other beautiful shades of white including 100% hand
batiked (an Indonesian dye technique using wax) ether blue and silver cloud grey. If you want a beautiful burst of colour there are an additional five other great shades as well.

With love, I wish you great headband adventures. Be you, be bountiful, be beautiful and be blissful!

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  • Jessica

    Loving my HU headband for school, work, and yoga! I even wear it for cardio and weights at the gym. Thanks, KOOSHOO (:

  • Aynsley Abbott

    love you guys !!!


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